Weird Criminal Law Stories # 589: Hung Out to Dry…

NORTH CAROLINA: Laundromat owner hung out to dry.  Police grew suspicious of Ronald Middleton’s “Transform N Go” in Raleigh because of its low water bill and dearth of customers entering wash to do, said police. A police raid on the laundromat turned up 12 pounds of marijuana, 184 hydrocodone pills, scales, packaging material and $60,633 in cash, leading to Middleton’s arrest.

NEW ZEALAND: A cold case squad is needed here. A man was charged in Wellington with stealing 96 ice cream bars. After waiting months for his trial,  red faced prosecutors admitted all the evidence had melted. Even more embarrassing, they confessed they had not shown the suspect’s lawyer the surveillance video. When he did look at it, he  discovered somebody else had stolen the ice cream bars and not his client.

NEW ZEALAND: They swiped the whole thing! A thief took burglary to a new level when he swiped a couple’s entire tiny house. Bianca  Balducci and her partner Stephen had nearly completed building the insulated 24-by-8-foot white abode in Auckland when the bandit rolled away with it on a trailer bed truck.

NORTH CAROLINA: So stupid! A woman kept her mother’s body at home for several months to satisfy her curiosity about the “stages of death.” Police said. When Donna Sue Hudgins, 69, of the town of Enfield, eventually went to a funeral home to make arrangements for her mother, Nellie May Hudgins, 93, Donna was arrested and charged with concealment of a death.

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