Weird Criminal Law Stories # 591: Yule Never Guess who they attacked

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night…

TEXAS:  The headline read, “Yule never guess who these Houston kids attacked.” Four young thugs, one 11-year-old, a 12-year-old and two 14-year-olds actually attacked an elderly, white-bearded Santa look-a-like. The boys were charged with robbing, pistol whipping, and beating him with his own walking stick. Ray Johnson, 76, who looks like Santa even when he’s not dressed like him for the holiday season. Police believe this kiddie crew may be behind other similar attacks for “kicks,” police said.

VIRGINIA: Did the supermarket throw out the produce? In mid-September 2018 a man was arrested for “rubbing produce on his bare buttocks at a supermarket and reshelving it, according to police. Dwayne Johnson, 27, allegedly strolled into a Giant food store in Manassas, pulled down his pants and went to town on the fruits, said police. He was charged with indecent exposure and destruction of property.

UNITED KINGDOM: “Three Billboards meets Fixer Upper,” read the headline. A British contractor got so mad at a customer who failed to pay his bill on time that the builder bought a billboard and slapped the offender’s photo on it to shame him. “This is Dave. Dave hasn’t paid for a job finished 6 weeks ago. Don’t be like Dave!” reads the Birmingham Ad.

WISCONSIN: Mosquito crime fighters? A bandit led police on a high- speed chase, then decided to abandon his car and hid out in a cornfield. – only to be foiled by a swarm of mosquitoes. The unidentified man allegedly had stolen liquor from a Piggly Wiggly market in the town of Campbellsport, before making a break for it. Bites from the mosquitoes got so bad, he surrendered to police.

UNITED KINGDOM: An ill-timed nap? It has been reported that a drunken burglar smashed the window of a shop in England with a four-foot giraffe statue – then promptly fell asleep. Edward Galbraith, 20, alleged drank several bottles of beer and wine before stealing $535 worth of clothing from the Two Seasons store in the town of Worcester, then curling up for and ill-timed nap, police said.

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