Weird Criminal Law Stories # 592: 1998?

Time to say goodbye to 2019 — Have a Happy New Year!

UNITED KINGDOM: 1998? A British woman purchased a three-hour ticket to park her car in a lot in the town of Havant. She parked for two hours and 17 minutes – but later found a letter demanding she pay $78 for the parking. In challenging the  payment, it appears that the parking ticket machine spit out a ticket that said Julie Escot’s car had been parked since 1998. “I didn’t even have  this car 20 years ago,” she said the lot operator cancelled the fine.

NORTH DAKOTA: I want to be dominated? A mother was in turmoil upon learning that her children’s new cell phone came with a special package deal – a number that formerly belonged to a prostitute. Julie Zimmy of West Fargo said dozens of messages from men looking for sex popped up on the phone. Callers found the escort’s photo and old number online. One texted the children, all of whom under 12, saying “I want to be dominated.”

PARAGUAY: DODO DUPITY DUPE POLICE! We learn that police in Paraguay were duped by thieves who snatched dozens of their rifles and replaced them with plastic toy guns. It took several weeks for officers to begin investigating what happened to the 42 weapons which were set to be replaced with newer ones before they were swiped from a police armory in the town of Capiata. Local media called it  “the most embarrassing scandal” in the police force’s history.

SRI LANKA: Nuts to them, read the headline. We learn that Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena was angry that  the country’s national airline served him a subpar packet of cashews. Sirisena was flying from Katmandu, Nepal to Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Sri Lankan Airlines in mid-September of 2018 when he popped the  untasty snacks in his mouth. They were so gross “not even a dog” could stomach them he fumed.

TENNESSEE:  Waffle House becomes “Whack’em House. It has been reported that two workers at a Waffle House viciously duked it out over who would clean the dirty dishes, online video footage shows. The footage shows the female employees behind the counter suddenly start hitting each other in front of customers.

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