Weird Criminal Law # 594: Xmas Holiday Hi-Jinks 1

KANSAS: Giant Glowing penis?  Shelby Gash, 24, built a giant glowing penis out of holiday lights on the rood of her home in Lenexa. She says she did it to give passers-by “a laugh.” Her neighbors complained that this Christmas “package” was no gift, and inappropriate for children. Once a local TV station aired the complaints, she took down the light up junk.

MAINE: Death by booby trap? Ronald Cyr, 65, was fatally injured on Thanksgiving Day 2019 by one of several contraptions he had rigged inside his home to fire off a handgun in the direction of anyone who opened his door. Police in the town of Van Buren investigated the shooting and report that Cyr was shot by one of his own booby traps.

MISSOURI: On Thanksgiving they took their pies but left them bread. Police say a “desperate” someone took two tasty pies from the Honey Baked Ham store, which was accidentally left unlocked on Thanksgiving Day. Nevertheless, the bandit who committed the break-in left a note and $26 to cover the cost of the two pies with tax. The police are not on the look out for the pie thief.

CANADA: Too much holiday “spirits.” A drunken man swiped more than a dozen tabletop-sized Christmas trees from a store in the city of Brandon in Manitoba. He then gave the trees away. Pursuant to the handouts, police arrested the heavily intoxicated 33-yer-old alleged “Robbing Hood” and jailed him overnight to sober up.

CANADA: Christmas Tree thief? A man strolled into the local sheriff’s office on a December 2019 Friday night and snatched a fully decorated Christmas tree from the lobby. An Ottawa County Sheriff’s dispatcher tried to stop the thief but was unsuccessful as the man took off down the street. Surveillance photos show the burglar in a black raincoat with the hood up and wearing blue jeans. No arrest has been made.

CANADA: We learn that Walmart has apologized for selling an adult only Christmas sweater that appeared to depict Santa Klaus sitting at a table full of cocaine. Walmart pulled the holiday garment – which depicted Santa along with a straw in his hand and lines of “snow,” as well as, several other risqué seasonal sweaters from its Canadian website.

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