Weird Criminal Law # 595: Xmas Holiday Hi-Jinks 2

FLORIDA: Too excited about Christmas shopping, maybe? A man was arrested in early December at a Target store for trying to have sex with a large stuffed animal snowman, according to police. Cody Meader, 20, allegedly dry humped the toy Olaf – one of the characters from the Disney film “Frozen”—along with a unicorn doll. HORNEY!

FLORIDA: The headline reads, “Baby’s first rifle. We learn that Veronica Alvarez bought a $9.99 baby shower gift from a Goodwill shop in the town of Valparaiso and was stunned to find a loaded semi-automatic rifle inside what appeared to be an unopened box for a Baby Einstein’s bouncer. When the father-to-be opened the box, he shouted, “You guys got me a gun!” Of course, they turned it over to the police.

FLORIDA: Oh, Tannenbaum or Oh Tannen-bomb? A woman allegedly beat her boyfriend with an artificial Christmas tree because he turned up the TV volume while she was sleeping. During the fight at her Clearwater home, Krystall Graham, 38, allegedly threw three sections of the tree at the boyfriend, say police.

ILINOIS; Will police be able to wrap up this case? During the 2019, holiday  season a man dresses as a mummy – with bandages pulled around his face – robbed an AutoZone auto parts store in Peoria. A clerk thought the gunman was joking until he grabbed $150 and fled, according to police working to track down the mummy dummy.

ARIZONA: Brother v. Brother? It has been reported that a man shot his brother in a fight over – Tupperware, police report. Anthony Murillo, 46, accused John Murillo, 44, of using his microwavable dish without permission in their Avondale home, police said. So, John allegedly shot him through a door, ending in John’s arrest and Anthony’s hospitalization in critical but stable condition.

CALIFORNIA: Yep, the original sentence was half-baked. A man named Gregory Fields, 42, in San Francisco was recently sentenced to six months in jail for eating a cookie without permission at a treatment center. The Judge called the conduct theft. His lawyer challenged the sentence, and the sentence was reduced to probation.

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