Weird Criminal Law Stories # 605: A Real Pervert!

NEW YORK CITY: PERVERT? A Queens man was charged with a record 17,725-count criminal indictment for allegedly downloading thousands of images and videos of babies and children being sexually abused, the Queens district attorney said in mid-January 2019. Vishal Lalbarry, 30, of Jamaica was arraigned on charges that include promoting a sexual performance by a child and sexual misconduct because he also had 16 videos of himself having sex with a dog.

VIRGINIA: Mr. Peeper or Mr. pervert maybe? It has been reported that more than 60 women and girls may have been secretly recorded undressing in changing rooms at northern Virginia shopping malls in the weeks before Christmas 2108, say police. Police are asking potential victims to come forward since they linked Mumtaz Rauf, 39, to a small camera found in a Forever 21 changing room in Fair Oaks mall.

NEW YORK CITY: Drug-mule puppies? It has been reported that Andres Lopez Elorez, a veterinarian turned drug-trafficker was sentenced to six years in prison in February 2019. It appears that he surgically hid heroin pouches inside puppies. Elorez admitted his role in the operation of a Medellin, Colombia, farm where Labrador puppies were used as drug mules and shipped to the U.S. After completing his sentence in the U.S., Elorez, 39, faces deportation to Colombia or his adopted country of Spain.

PENNSYLVANIA:  Idiot defense! A lawyer for an alleged drunk driver claims that his client’s blood-alcohol results may have been skewed by her nervous nibbling on her coat. Jana Moschgat’s blood-alcohol count was nearly twice the legal limit, police said, but her lawyer argued at a court hearing in Berwick that the coat’s chemical composition may have thrown off the test. We learn now that the case is now headed to trial.

OHIO: Dopey news? Police at an Ohio library found a box labeled “not dope,’ opened it – and found meth and a syringe. The strange discovery was made in the town of Ironton.

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