Weird Criminal Law # 601: Privates?

CALIFORNIA: The headline read, “They went from ranking as privates – to drawing them.” Two Marine Corps pilots were suspended from their aviation duties for allegedly making a penis-shaped flight pattern in the sky above Palm Springs. They face punishment over the airborne images.

TEXAS: IDIOT! It has been reported that a McDonald’s worker was sent home for being late for his shift. – so, he robbed a different McDonald’s a few miles away, police report. David Beltran, 19, was still wearing his Golden Arches uniform when he allegedly whipped out a handgun and demanded $1,500 from a manager at the San Antonio fast food restaurant. Yes, he lost his job and went to jail.

UKRAINE: “This takes the cake,” read the headline. Waiters at a restaurant finally got fed up with two women who were being exceptionally rude. One of the women is heard on a video saying, “why the f__k would I eat your cake?” The waiter then shoved the slice of cake into her face. Not to be outdone, one of his colleagues grabbed another slice and gave her friend the same treatment. The owner of the Italian eatery said, “the situation was provoked by the clients and the waiters will not be punished.”

FLORIDA: They call him “Thug-o-suraus!” A teenager dressed in a T-rex dinosaur costume allegedly choked and threatened his girlfriend when she refused to go with him to his friend’s Halloween party.  Patrick Gallway, 19, of Port St. Lucie, was charged with battery for the alleged attack on his 23-year-old girlfriend who said she would rather watch movies with other friends.

FLORIDA: Hump day? We learn it was it was strange hump day in Miami in early November 2018. That was the day when authorities reunited a lost camel with its owner. After motorists reported the animal walking around the Redland area, police and animal-welfare officers corralled the camel. Police “helped a camel on hump day,” meaning Wednesday, the police announced on Twitter with the hashtag #HappyHumpDay.

FLORIDA: Bad costume… A man dressed up as the Terminator for Halloween – complete with live ammo strapped across his chest – sparking a 911 call after he walked onto the campus of the University of Central Florida, authorities report. The man was detained, questioned and released after it was determined there was no criminal intent.

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