Weird Criminal Law Stories #623: Twisted Sister?

ARIZONA: Twisted Sister, maybe? A woman dressed as a nun, and carrying a Bible on her lap, was arrested trafficking $90,000 in synthetic opioids, according to police. Esther Gomez de Aquilar, 53, of Yuma was sporting a veil while driving with her husband when a police officer pulled them over for a traffic violation, in Pinal County. The officer discovered 8 ½ pounds of fentanyl powder and pills, police said.

CANADA: Hissy fit over in-flight meal options? An Air Canada business-class passenger told a flight attendant, “If I don’t get fish, there will be a problem. One way or another, I will get my fish, or I will serve it to myself,” a witness reported. The man was escorted off the Vancouver-to- Toronto flight that left without him. No fish was served on the flight.

LATVIA: “Bottoms up,” read the headline. Google Maps Street View captured a man who mooned a Google camera in Latvia. The shirtless prankster can be seen with his pants down and his backside in the air while standing on the side of a road.

LOUSIANA: Monkey man burglar? A man wearing a gorilla suit broke into a home and hid under a mattress before police officers found and arrested him. Jeremie Moran was allegedly seen walking through local yards in the costume. Police received calls about a suspicious person looking into homes, according to Sulphur police. Police report that Moran ran into a house as officers approached but was discovered hiding. He was jailed on charges including resisting arrest, unauthorized entry, meth possession and wearing a mask.

CONNECTICUT: Mom’s ID sends her to prison. A woman has admitted she impersonated her dead mother, so she could steal $71,000 in federal benefits. Prosecutors maintain that Sybil Butler, 56, plead guilty in early March 2019, to theft of government funds in the form of monthly annuity payments. Her mother, a retired US Postal Service worker, died in 2014. Ms. Butler faces up to 10 years in prison. She will probably be sentenced to 30 months.

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