Weird Criminal Law Stories # 626: Crabby Food Fight…

ALABAMA: “Crabby food fight,” read the headline. A buffet restaurant turned into a brawl-you-can-eat when diners battled over — crab legs. Buffet-line delays at the Meteor restaurant in Huntsville in late-February 2019, led to customers fighting with tongs and plates, police said. Two diners Chequita Jenkins and John Chapman face misdemeanor charges.

NEW YORK CITY: Statue of Liberty climber seeks liberty! The immigrant rights activist convicted of climbing the Statue of Liberty on July 4, 2018, said she doesn’t deserve jail. Therese “Patricia” Okoumou who scaled the monument to protest President Trump’s immigration policies was recently back in court for a probation violation that could lead to a 1 ½ year prison sentence. Her lawyers argue there is a long history, dating to the 1880’s of protestors demonstrating at the statue, but none of these people were sentenced to jail.

PENNSYLVANIA: The headline read, “Reason for the squeezin’. We learn that a man was arrested for allegedly choking a cabby who would not stop singing Christmas carols. Clayton Lucas, 25, was arrested in early March 2019, for the grinch-like crime, in which he choked the driver from behind while the victim was steering a Chrysler minivan in East Deer Township.

SAUDI ARABIA: OOOOPS! A Saudi mother realized mid-fight that she had forgotten something important at the airport – she forgot her infant. The flight from Jeddah to Kuala Lampur, made an unscheduled landing after the mom left the baby in a boarding area at King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah. The ditzy mother and her child were reunited at the airport.

TENNESSEE: “Weight right there,” read the headline. A thief tried to make off with a 400-pound safe after burglarizing a grocery store, but it proved too much for him to handle. The bandit ditched the safe in the middle of the store parking lot. Surveillance footage shows the man circling the safe and trying to get it in his car in vain, then throwing up his hands and fleeing.

OKLAHOMA: Fire truck heist? It has been reported that an assistant fire chief opened the door to the Redbird fire station in late February 2019, in Wagner County and found that two brush-rig fire trucks were missing. Police recovered one of the trucks a few days later in the town of Haskell but are still looking for the second – and for the thieves. Could this have been an inside job?

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