Weird Criminal Law Stories # 627: Marriage Fraud!

NORTH CAROLINA: Marriage Fraud? A woman and a man were down on their luck in Granville County, when a motorist pulled over and asked the woman to marry him, authorities said. The proposal came from a noncitizen from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia looking to “buy” permanent residency in the U.S. via a sham marriage, so he offered the couple $12,000. She accepted and tied the knot – but now Immigration officials have arrested the trio for marriage fraud. If convicted each could be sentenced to up to five years in the big house.

FLORIDA: She started drinking too early. It has been reported that a boozy elderly woman allegedly mooned at a Florida police officer and called another officer h that he was a “pig” before she was arrested on DUI charges. Joanne Carr, 73, of Massachusetts was jailed after she crashed her Pontiac in Martin County. Authorities said Carr reeked of alcohol, mumbled and told police she had been drinking vodka since 8 am that morning.

VIRGINIA: Rein it in cowgirl? It has been reported that a drunken woman trotted into a cemetery on a horse – and fired her pistol when someone asked her to leave, Mariah Smith of Arlington went full blown cowgirl after she and a female friend rode into the cemetery in late February 2019, prompting a call to police, police report. She was intoxicated and packing a .38 Smith and Wesson, police also reported.

WISCONSIN: Panda Madness? A man tried to prank his friend by dressing head to toe in a panda costume – and was arrested by police responding to a report of a suspicious animal. A spooked neighbor had spotted the trickster lurking in Muskego and called 911. Police rushed to the scene and found the unnamed man, 48, under the mask.

UNITED KINGDOM: Rage & Ruin & possible deportation? We learn that Daniel Neagu, 31, a contractor in England, is headed to jail after going on a rampage last year. Teed off by an $18,000 unpaid bill, Neagu hopped onto his excavator and used his phone camera to record 40 minutes of himself tearing into five retirement bungalows in Hertfordshire. He caused $960,000 in damage and faces possible deportation to his native Romania after serving at least of his four-year sentence.

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