Weird Criminal Law Stories # 657: Rubbed The Wrong Way?

PUERTO RICO: Rubbed the wrong way? It was reported that a safe-sex campaign urging people to masturbate to avoid contracting the was scrapped after the message rubbed some people the wrong way. The Puerto Rico campaign launched on social media on a Tuesday with an image of a  thumb fondling a grapefruit and a pitch for pleasuring oneself during the pandemic. But officials took the post down after it went viral and offended many observers.

CHINA: High on Speed? We learn that a Chinese man who dumped piles of cash out of his 30th-floor window was not a high-minded do-gooder police said. He was high on speed. The 29-year-old was “in a trance,” tossing so much money from his Chongqing apartment, he caused a traffic jam as passersby scrambled to pick up the bills, according to police. He was arrested on meth charges.

RUSSIA: Bear trouble? It was reported in mid-November 2020, that a brown bear and her cub were shot by the navy after the animals climbed on a nuclear submarine that was docked off the east coast of the country. A hunting instructor was called in to “neutralize” the wild animals after the agency said they had no other options but to kill the bears.

RHODE ISLAND: Roadside egg stand is purloined. Yes, a thief swiped Guy Daniels’ egg stand  at the beginning of the month. Daniels ran the stand with an honor system hawking a dozen eggs for $3 set up in front of his driveway.  “Someone stole the eggs, the mini-refrigerator they were in and the money,” said Daniels. “I can’t afford to buy another fridge, so I’ll try using a cooler. What a discouraging way to start the day,” Daniels vented in a Facebook post.

ITALY: Roman authorities tracked down the “uncatchable” graffiti-spraying “Geco,” sometimes called the Banksy of Rome. For years, Geco’s block-letter tags popped up around Rome but the underground artist eluded authorities. However, in Mid-November 2020 Rome’s Mayor posted on Facebook that Geco was identified and “ hundreds of spray-paint cans,  thousands of stickers,” and other items were found in his apartment. If Geco is convicted, he would facet wo years in prison.

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