Weird Criminal Law Stories #690: Dogged by Criticism?

BULGARIA:  “Dogged by criticism?” Country officials have been “dogged” by criticism of their rollout of a first batch of COVID vaccines – via hotdog trucks.  Citizens poked fun online at the weenie-mobiles, used with refrigerated vans, to deliver the 9,750 doses of the Pfizer shots which must be stored at a minus 94 degrees. “Bulgaria is not the only country  where private logistics companies provide transportation,”  responded the health minister.

CALIFORNIA: We hear their luck ran out on them. Two men were arrested for breaking into a convenience store – and going directly for the lottery tickets, authorities said. Joseph Salcido, 46, and Hector Amparo, 47, allegedly broke the window of a Shell gas station stores in the town of Pleasanton then stole several rolls of tickets. They fled before they were nabbed hours later in the town of Ripon.

NEW YORK CITY: The headline read, “Sweet tycoon suicide?” It was reported  in mid-January 2021, that a wealthy 89-year-old artificial sweetener magnate who made “Sweet’NLow a household name committed suicide by jumping from his Park Avenue apartment building on the Upper East side. Donald Tober, CEO, and co-owner of the New York based Sugar Foods, leaped to his death just after 5 am on a Friday. He was struggling with Parkinson’s disease, law enforcements said.

NEW YORK: Rental car drug bust? An upstate driver returned his rental car with a huge haul of drugs inside and was arrested. Aasim Hilts was arrested in Albany after he went back to the car to allegedly fetch 140 envelopes of heroin and 35 grams of MDNA, according to police.

OREGON: IRONY? Recently a man stole a woman’s unattended car while her child was inside, only to return and scold the mother. “He actually lectured the mother for leaving the child in the car and threatened to call police on her,” a Beaverton police spokesman said. The still at large man then ordered the mom to take her son out of the backseat and then drove off.

AUSTRAILIA: No fish tale? Two fishermen rescued a naked man clinging to mangrove branches over crocodile-infested waters. Later they learned that the man was a criminal fugitive who survived the wilderness by eating snails. Cam Faust and Key Joiner were laying crab traps outside Darwin in the Northwest Territory when they heard the man’s cries for help – and pulled him to safety. He is now safely back in custody of the law.

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