Weird Criminal Law Stories # 691: He dug the steamy romance?

MEXICO: The headline read, “He dug the steamy romance.” A bricklayer, identified as Alberto, built an underground tunnel of love – to secretly visit his married paramour’s home in a Tijuana house according to a report. However, her husband caught the lover in the act – and chased Alberto through the tunnel to Alberto’s home where the men brawled.

FLORIDA: The headline simply read, “a white Christmas?” We learn that fishermen found $850,000 worth of cocaine floating off Sugarloaf Key during Christmas week 2020. The fishing boat spotted the stash, consisting of 74 pounds of coke and called the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, according to a report from the Miami Herald.

NEW MEXICO:  Mystery theft and refurbishment? A man reported someone stole two chairs from his front lawn – only for the thief to secretly return them completely refurbished. Conrad Duran said he returned home from work to find two dining chairs that he left outside his garage missing. However, soon after the report, the chairs were back on his porch in Albuquerque with a new coat of paint and new upholstery.  Very mysterious…

FLORIDA: Half-baked lie. A man arrested with bags of ecstasy and meth claimed they were sugar and cornstarch for baking a cake, according to police. Jethro Geneus, 30, was charged with drug trafficking after being pulled over at 3 a.m. on New Year’s Day, 2021 in Port St. Lucie.

PENNSYLVANIA:  Couldn’t drive it? We learn that in early-January 2021 that a teenaged girl allegedly went behind the counter of a Citgo gas station in Hellertown, pushed an employee, snatched two packs of cigarettes and four rolls of Mentos, and then ran from the store. She then climbed inside an ambulance parked outside. However,  Antoinette Frilan, 19, was quickly arrested by police when she realized she could not operate the vehicle.

RUSSIA: Rogue priest arrest for takeover of a convent. It has been reported that Father Sergiy, whose real name is Nkolai Romanov, sized control of the Russian Orthodox convent in Yekaterinburg in June of last year and refused to leave, even after being formally cast out of the church. He also allegedly encouraged the 10 nuns there to commit suicide. They didn’t!

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